Insights from the Advisory Board: Tim Morgan on what makes a great startup?

In the dynamic world of startups, few shine as brightly as Tim Morgan. As the COO of Teller and a serial founder, his journey from the corporate maze of M&A to the vibrant entrepreneurial frontlines is a lesson in resilience, innovation, and genius-level problem-solving. With an uncanny knack for simplifying complex challenges and a penchant for thinking beyond the conventional, Tim’s story is not just about success, but about transformation.

This is not the first time Tim has worked with one of the Partners here at Verb Ventures, he joined Tom Wesseldine on his first startup journey… and now he is back!

In this Q&A, he spills the beans on vital business lessons, the allure of non-consensus thinking, the art of identifying raw talent, and why making progress is the most potent ingredient for a thriving company culture. For all aspiring founders and investors, it’s a masterclass on the mindset that crafts extraordinary ventures.

Discover the insights, humour, and invaluable advice of a real-life startup guru.

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