SmartCat — Translation Industry Game Changer

SmartCat is an innovative B2B SaaS-enabled marketplace that is transforming the global translation services market, valued at $49.6bn. With over 50,000 translation agencies and 1.5m freelancers, the industry is known for its fragmentation and inefficiencies, including time-consuming agency searches, complicated pricing structures, and unautomated content translations.

SmartCat addresses these challenges by:

  • Using AI to connect clients, translation agencies, and freelancers, enabling seamless multilingual content delivery.
  • Offering workflow management, collaboration tools, translation reviews, pricing automation, and a payments infrastructure.
  • Allowing clients to reuse previously translated content, potentially saving up to 80% of their translation budget.
  • Automating the translation process through API, creating continuous delivery workflows.

With over 10,000 daily customers and 350,000 registered freelancers, SmartCat is trusted by world-renowned clients like Amazon, IBM, and Coursera. Their Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) has been growing by approximately 90% per quarter for the last four years. SmartCat is not just for corporations but also serves Language Service Providers (LSPs), without competing with them.

In the upcoming year, SmartCat plans to add AI-powered matching tools, project and quality management tools to make workflows even faster and more efficient. The platform aims to win 1.5-2% of the market share by 2024, and it’s poised to bring much-needed transparency and efficiency to the translation services market.

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