The changing low-volume manufacturing game. Our investment in Geomiq

Geomiq is reshaping the manufacturing landscape with its innovative B2B marketplace that connects suppliers and buyers, making the production process simpler and faster. With the global manufacturing market being a multi-trillion industry, plagued by complexity and slow turnaround times, Geomiq enters as a disruptive force.

The platform automates key stages:

  • Design & Specification: Users with CAD or 3D models can utilize Geomiq’s algorithm to automatically divide products into parts and post them on the marketplace.
  • Quoting, Contracting, & Purchase: Streamlined and automated.
  • Quality Control & Shipping: Supported by the platform.

Traditionally, finding multiple vendors for different parts and materials was laborious. Geomiq replaces this with a web-based platform, making the process efficient and transparent. Importantly, it facilitates low-volume production with ease, something that has been historically challenging.

Already trusted by over 3,000 clients, including giants like GE, BMW, and Transport for London, Geomiq is proving to be an invaluable asset in the manufacturing sector.

To learn more about Geomiq and why we invested, you can read the whole story here