The Beat of Disruption: How B2B Marketplaces are Reshaping Music Rights

Join Alexey Bulygin on an exploratory journey into the future of the music industry in “The Beat of Disruption: How B2B Marketplaces are Reshaping Music Rights,” presented by Verb Ventures. This insightful article offers a unique perspective on the transformative impact B2B marketplaces have on the music rights sector, an industry that’s as vast as it is complex.

Alexey, tapping into his passion for music and keen understanding of digital marketplaces, unpacks the challenges and opportunities within the music rights landscape. From the convoluted value chains to the inefficiencies of traditional IP rights management, he highlights the ripe potential for disruption through B2B marketplaces. Imagine simplifying the intricate process of licensing, distribution, and rights management for a Beatles classic reimagined for a modern video game – this is the kind of innovation Alexey envisions.

This article delves into the nuances of how B2B marketplaces can streamline operations, enhance transparency, and revolutionize collaborations within the industry. It’s not just about improving business processes; it’s about forging a fairer, more equitable ecosystem for artists, producers, and consumers alike.

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