The Making of the Maddison Invitational

Venture into the exciting world where sports, entertainment, and social impact converge in our latest article on Verb Ventures, “The Making of the Maddison Invitational,” by our Partner, Tom Wesseldine. Discover how a Tom’s passion for startups and a unique network within the realms of finance, football, and philanthropy led to the creation of an extraordinary charity golf event.

Tom’s journey from playing a 7-aside game in Dubai with Premier League footballers to orchestrating the Maddison Invitational is a tale of ambition, connection, and a heart for social causes. This event wasn’t just another charity golf day; it was a mission-driven endeavor to support the Sophie’s Sparkle Foundation, dedicated to children’s bone cancer research, in memory of Sophie Taylor.

“The Making of the Maddison Invitational” offers a behind-the-scenes look at how this event came to life. From the initial concept to securing high-profile participants and sponsors, this article reveals the parallels between organizing a successful event and launching a startup. It showcases the power of networking, team dynamics, strategic thinking, and the incredible impact of rallying a community around a noble cause.

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