The Venture Capital Blueprint: Navigating Sourcing, Screening, and Beyond

Take a look at the intricate blueprint of venture capital with Alexey Bulygin of Verb Ventures in our latest analytical piece. “The Venture Capital Blueprint: Navigating Sourcing, Screening, and Beyond” offers a rare glimpse into the sophisticated mechanisms of VC operations, from the initial sourcing of potential startups to the critical phases of screening and post-decision engagement.

In this comprehensive guide, Alexey shares the nuanced strategies and practices that drive successful venture capital endeavors. Discover the secrets behind effective industry sprints, the art of precise startup evaluation, and the dynamic interplay of intuition, strategy, and data that underpins the entire process. With insights on leveraging networks, harnessing the power of media and data platforms, and the importance of post-investment collaboration, this article is a must-read for anyone curious about the behind-the-scenes workings of VCs.

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